Yeat Net Worth, Height and Bio

In the sun-kissed landscapes of California, a star was born on February 26, 2000. Noah Olivier Smith, better known as Yeat, captured hearts with his magnetic presence in the rap scene. Standing tall at 5’8″ and weighing 145 pounds, his music transcends physical boundaries, touching souls worldwide. Yet, amidst the fame, the enigma of his parentage adds a layer of intrigue to his narrative.

Yeat Net Worth, Height and Bio

Quick bio

Real NameNoah Olivier Smith
Stage NameYeat (sometimes stylized as YEAT)
Age24 years old
Date of BirthFebruary 26, 2000
BirthplaceIrvine, California, USA
Weight145 lbs
Net Worth$4 million
OccupationRapper, Singer-songwriter, Record Producer
EducationAttended public school in California, dropped out at 17

Yeat’s journey is a testament to resilience and passion. Raised in California’s vibrant embrace, he soaked in its cultural tapestry, channeling his experiences into his music. At just 17, he bravely chose to abandon formal education, opting instead to chase his dreams relentlessly. Now, at 24, with a net worth of $4 million, Yeat stands as a beacon of inspiration, his melodies echoing the hopes and dreams of a generation.

Yeat’s net worth?

Yeat net worth was estimated to be $4 million based on data that was accessible as of 2024.

Who is Yeat?

Yeat, a young American rapper recognized for his distinctive vocabulary, experimental style, and appealing songs, is actually 23-year-old Noah Smith. His songs like “Money So Big” went viral on TikTok, and he eventually collaborated with Drake. His sound distinguishes him in the scene by fusing trap, hip-hop, and even cloud rap. Though his personal life details are kept confidential, his music is sure to make an impression.

Yeat family?

There is not much information available about Yeat’s (Noah Smith) family. His parents, who were Romanian, British, Mexican, and American, were eclectic and he was born in California. Other than that, little is known about his two younger brothers. Details remain private, but themes of loyalty and family are prevalent in his songs.

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